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Duration: 4 Day Course 

Class size: Max. 4 Students

Age: 18+

Course Fee: £525


A course for Students who wish to further develop their knowledge within this subject. Students may have a a background in Arts education, Theatre practice or currently be studying on an Higher education Arts programme (but not essential).

Students will be encouraged to develop broad research techniques and will be expected to create more advanced concepts with design outcomes.

Use of scale, drawing, 2D and 3D exercises will encourage students to be more experimental and produce work that is inventive, imaginative and original.

During this Course you will learn;


-  Visual Research

-  Model Making using Scale 

-  Development of final Set and Costume Designs.

    (no sewing required)




"My one to one time with Jacqui was invaluable. I wanted to learn more about creating models and telling a story more effectively. Jacqui tailored our sessions to exactly what I wished to learn as well as guiding and helping me consider all the things I didn't even realise I needed to know.

I was continuously challenged and engaged and left Jacqui's studio feeling energised and excited to sink my teeth into another project. I am grateful to have spent time learning from someone so experienced and willing to share their knowledge."

Rose Wyer

Introduction to Set and Costume Design

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