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Laugh Out Loud


Laughter is universal!

We all have our different ways to text our laughter.

How do you text yours?

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hahaha - Is used in english speaking countires like the UK or U.S.A

Jajajaja - Is used by Spanish speakers ( the letter 'J' is pronounced as a 'H' in Spanish).

Ahahahahah- Italians spell 'Ha' backwards but its just how it is spelt phonetically.

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ - In Korean this is how laughter is written in Hangul (Korean characters) and is pronounced 'Kkkkkkk'.

Xaxaxaxaxa - Is the Greek spelling - I wonder if they used this in Ancient Greece?

MDR - is the French equivalent for 'LOL'. The 'MDR' stands for 'mort de rire'- which literally translates as 'Died of laughter'.

555555 - in Thailand you text the number 5 because 5 is pronounced as 'ha' so some people use the number instead.

wwwww - The Japanese word for 'laugh' is pronounced 'warai' so people shortened it to 'w' and depending on how funny something is - the amount of 'w' used varies.

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