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In todays current climate self isolating means not being able to attend short courses in person. Make A Scene also offers online courses for all those who wish to learn from home or remotely.

The first International Collaborative Project currently running with students from Brazil, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Japan, China and the UK. 

Online courses are on a one to one basis or in small groups with the course tutor Jacqueline Gunn, through FaceTime or Zoom.

If you are a student or have a project that you would like guidance on, please get in contact and a course can be tailored to your requirements. 


Clara talking through her project based on the ballet 'Giselle', showing her research and sketchbook work.

International Collaboration



Journeys with Folktales


A new creative collaboration from emerging International Artists who share a common focus: a deeper understanding of cross cultural ideas; a shared focus of the potential to rediscover a status quo with the natural world and a desire to listen and share ideas, exchanging knowledge as a contemporary currency. 


Forging ways forward, together, through collaborative creative practice, using folklore as a vehicle to engage and endeavour greater understanding of the world.


Group members: Yumiko Yukawa (Japan), Yunhye Choi (South Korea), Qu Wanxin (China), Polly Baker (UK).


‘Jacqui’s involvement in this project, as a tutor and collaborative spearhead has been pivotal in providing us, as a group, with new direction and ideas to work with. Jacqui brings knowledge, wisdom and practical skill in order to be a sounding board. It is wonderful to work with someone who has such a wealth of experience working in a plethora of creative industries.’  

Polly Baker



Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a well known English fairy/folk tale. When reading and discussing this story I was drawn to the nature of the bears and their surroundings, as well as why the girl in the original story acts the way she does. I am interested in the emotional states of humans and how we fit in the natural world, especially during times of uncertainty. In developing my own story, ‘Polly and the Bears (working title) inspired by the bears in my life, this project is exploring feelings of loss, sadness, fear and hope.


Below, are a few sketchbook pages and a box I created to illustrate my connection to the Bear’s world.



Urashima Taro is one of the most famous folk tales in Japan. There are two key points in the story: one is a treasure box from a sea palace called Dragon Palace, another is that Urashima Taro becomes 300 years old because he opened the box. I think there is a comparison between this story and the issue of marine trash in present day Japan. I created treasure nested boxes from Dragon Palace, filling them with images of marine plastic trash and fishing net trash.

Based on the process of opening the box, I am seeking to unearth stories of humans and nature through time, and how years/ time affect both, through the Japanese rock garden.



The sun and the moon is one of the most famous Korean folk tales. In the original story, there was a family of mother, brother and sister. One day a tiger came to the family to eat them. The mother was eaten by the tiger but the brother and sister were able to be saved because a rope came from the sky and they were sent to heaven. The brother and sister were then assigned to be the sun and the moon. The original story is presented inside of the box.

However, it tells different story when the box is turned inside out. Tigers are not scary characters anymore.

I am interested in a  new version of folk tale, adapted for the current situation, where the tiger is not considered as a threatening animal but an endangered species. Nowadays there is a deep relationship between nature and humans, but we tend to forget our role. We can also think about humanity’s future by looking at nature. Humans can be an endangered species. My work represents the new value of the original folktale by playing inside/outside the box.



The story is adapted from Li Bihua's novel "Green Snake", which tells the story of the green snake and white snake born in the Purple Bamboo forest under the Qingcheng Mountain. Practicing together for five hundred years, two snakes walk around the world for love confused story.

My concept is focused on another main character in the Green Snake story, an eminent monk named Fa Hai. He also represents the Confucian ideal of a successful man. Subjectively, the mind is devoid of desire and strives for spiritual cultivation. There are three symbolic elements / experiences represented in Fa Hai’s spiritual practice; The Buddha statue; the Spider; and Sex. In fact, creatures in the world can only disobey human nature if they are not human. If you have been born as a human being, you are bound by human nature.


Here are some mood drawings for me to understand the complicated world of the Green Snake.


The Enemy of the People

 by Ibsen
Designed by Mariachiara Maracci
voting room.jpg
Voting room
voting room zoom.jpg
Voting room zoom
voice of the people s office before perf
Voice of the people's office before performance 
voice of the people office s during perf
Voice of the people's office during performance 
The voice of the people s office during
Voice of the people's office during performance