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Spring has sprung!

Make a paper bouquet for a loved one or perhaps adorn an old piece of clothing as a fashion look. Use different colours and textures to create a blooming marvellous display.



The Japanese Cherry Blossom is the most well known blossom tree. Its latin name is Prunus serrulata. But in Japan is commonly called 'Sakura'.

It has been celebrated in japanese culture through painting, fabric and food  throughout the centuries. 


Two examples of Sakura being used on a Kimono and paintings in the book :

京友禅の華 人間国宝 三代 田畑喜八の美

(The flower of Kyo Yuzen dyeing, Beauty of the living national treasure Kihachi Tabata the third )

Bulgarian Roses and Silivryak

Close Up of Pink Roses



The Rhodope Silivryak (Harbelea rhodopensis), called also, Orpheus flower and resurrection plant because of the remarkable ability of Haberlea to survive very long periods of desiccation. It can be seen only on the territory of Bulgaria and a small part of northern Greece and a small part of northern Greece, especially in the Rhodope Mountains.

The flower grows in the cracks of the rocks, included in the Bulgarian Protected Species Red Book.

The unique physiological method of flower to overcome the drought and survive was been known by the people since ancient times.  



The Bulgarian Rose is one of the symbols of Bulgaria. Moreover, one of the most popular souvenirs is the rose oil which is sold in small wooden bottles.

Rosa Damascena (or Damask Rose) has a long history with origins as far as Ancient Persia. The modern production of high quality rose oil (or rose otto) by using a double distillation method began in the 17th century.

Since the 17th century, Rosa Damascena oil has impacted the livelihood, culture, and traditions of Bulgarians living in the southern sub-mountain region of the Balkan Mountains that the valley is now known across the globe as The Valley of Roses.

The Bulgarian Rosa Damascena has over 280 components thanks to the special climate and soil it is grown in, which makes its aroma, longevity, and intricacy extremely precious and desired by the most famous perfume brands in the world.

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