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Wanxin Qu

Wanxin has a rare relationship with nature that could even be said to border on the occult. It is a connection made all the more profound when considered that she did not grow up in a rural area. 


With the same innate tenderness that she treats fauna and flora, Wanxin’s art grows in abundance and seamlessly. Her prolific nature is only matched by her loving acceptance of all things created.


Having completed a honorary degree in Costume Design at UAL - Wimbledon College of Art, Wanxin is preparing to apply for a MA course in Puppetry in 2021.

Project Concept

My concept of this set is the primary story of the Green Snake. 

There was a purple bamboo forest under the Qing Cheng mountain where they cultivate themselves according to the supernatural doctrine. 

In Jan 2020, I traveled to the Qing Cheng mountain and stayed for a week, during the winter time the weather was very cold and misty. The mountain has a strong atmosphere of religion and nature which is covered by numerous Taoist abbeys and a few Buddhist temples. 

Through those practices, I am trying to figure out how a mind becomes devoid of desire and strives through spiritual cultivation, and how nature, the supernatural and religions coexist / enlighten each other in one space.

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