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Yumiko Yukawa

Yumiko learned graphic design, photography and Japanese traditional crafts at Art University and went on to complete a postgraduate degree in Kyoto, Japan. In her masters, Yumiko created installations and three-dimensional works, which used photo print techniques, and costumes. Following this, Yumiko worked as a salesperson and accessory maker, dressing kimono staff and others for around 10 years in Kyoto before studying Costume Design at Wimbledon College of Art, University of the Arts London. Yumiko says: ‘My strength for creation is to value narratives and to create costumes reproducing the energy, colors and textures from original design drawings. I really enjoy meeting and working with people from different fields and countries and I always try to design by giving interactive communication. Moreover, I am interested in the meaning and development of space. I would like to make works being conscious of influences and aware of the work’s coexistence with costumes in the space.’ 


Yumiko is currently looking for jobs in costume and design alongside her part time job and her own work as a designer.


Plastic Urashima Taro story


One day, a man rescues a turtle which has got tangled in fishing net trash on the beach. The turtle takes him to a secret place at the bottom of the sea. The man finds big colorful rocks mixed with melted plastics. After enjoying the secret place, the man goes back to the beach. When he arrives at the beach, the color of the sea has changed and is also covered with fine plastics. He finds out that 300 years have passed since he was taken to the bottom of the sea and now nobody is there.





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