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Dear Isolation Players,


It has been an absolute hoot each week seeing all your contributions to the isolation games.

We have decided for the foreseeable future there won't be any new games.

But fear not - this isn't goodbye!

The games below will stay on the site for anyone to use, so please do still send your creations in.

Best Wishes

The Isolation Games Team

Latest updates:

Diamonds are forever but can cost a hefty sum - so why not make your own bespoke jewellery for fun! 

Make some out of this world space stations or an alien life form from a far off Galaxy. 

Take a deep breath and relax your mind with these tranquil videos of nature.

Whether your friend is furry, feathery, scaly, slimy or smooth, celebrate their funny personalities with their cheekiest pictures.

Textile and Stitch artist 

Alison Johnston.

Take a dive into the blue abyss and discover all sorts of sea creatures!

Don't forget to make a splash!

And sew it begins...

Get your textiles, thread, wool and make something wonder-wool, fabric-tastic,


Make a scene from your favourite Film or TV Programme.

You don't have to climb high to make a tree house - create a tiny tree house for a house plant instead or for a tree outside.

Just remember to make a tiny ladder too!

Make some funny stick or stone people - add paint, eyes, even a pair of glasses.

In honour of Mr George Gladwell, who worked in the Columbia Road Flower Market since 1949 and was the founder of Columbia Road's Market traders organisation.

Name that Building and where it is in the world!

By Flynn Bullett

This fantastic film of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' will amaze you with the use of shadow puppetry and will also make you hungry so grab some popcorn!

Create another world with this ancient form of storytelling.

Use whatever you can get your hands on or even your own hands to make shadow shapes!

Make a marvellous mask and march around the Masquerade Ball majestically.


Pick up a pen and a piece of paper and come up with a poem or a haiku. 

Illustrate your creation with a drawing,

a painting or photos.

Laughter is universal!

We all have our different ways to text our laughter.

How do you text yours?

Create a secret garden between the leaves of the plants indoors or out doors - a place that magic happens but only after midnight.

Creepy Castles

Haunted Houses 


Posh Palaces

New cars added! 

Name that Car and

what year its from! 

Vroom Vroom!

Take us on a virtual tour of your garden, patio, balcony, terrace, window boxes, window sills, house plants and terrariums.


From an Acacia to Zephyranthes

Learn about flowers Alphabetically!

Then find a Poem and/or 

draw a picture!

Big hands, bunting and banners!

Celebrate the NHS, Carers, Key Workers

on your street every Thursday at 8pm.

Also what do you call a hand banner on a roundabout?

'Round of applause' 😂

Build a Bridge across your sink, a pot of water, a puddle, a bath or a drawn ocean.

Make it sturdy!

By Denisha Parmenter

Bring the outdoors in by making your own terrarium!

Get recycling by transforming day to day rubbish into characterful Robots!


Create an isolated island whether it be tropical or icy cold. Who inhabits your island? Pirates? Dinosaurs? Man eating amphibious goldfish?

You decide! 

Entrance to the Anti-Fashion Show
is now closed. 
The winners of Gold/Silver/Bronze
have been decided!

The third international collaborative game. Following on from Easter Bonnet Parade and Hide + Hunt, The isolation games invites you to participate in the Theatrical, sustainable, anti-fashion Catwalk Show!


Name that plant in your language and its latin name.

Make a paper bouquet for a loved one or perhaps adorn an old piece of clothing as a fashion look. Use different colours and textures to create a blooming marvellous display.

Happy Easter!

Честит Великден!


Christ is risen! 

Христос Воскресе!

Before throwing away those shells - create some cracking characters!

By Yunhye Choi

The Daebak (awesome) Disciples.

A combination of Biblical names, Korean words and places in South Korea and the UK.

A BIG Easter egg hunt!

Scramble to find some

egg-streme hiding places!

Don't throw away those egg shells, get creative and make some egg-cellent Artists.

Eat those eggs at last!



Entrance to the Easter Parade has closed.
Look inside to see which ones won the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards!

Put your thinking caps on and invent some cracking Easter bonnets for yourself, an appliance, veg or even an egg!

Put on a performance with handmade puppets and even if it goes pear shaped,

'The show must go on!'

Whether it be a new invention, an ad lib or a happy accident. 

Here are all the miscellaneous mischief!

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