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Games, crafts, teaching and learning for all ages 4 to 104 years old...and a bit more besides.

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Fun for everyone!

Make some fangtastic costumes, carve a creepy pumpkin or play some ghoulish games!

Diamonds are forever but can cost a hefty sum - so why not make your own bespoke jewellery for fun! 

Make some out of this world space stations or an alien life form from a far off Galaxy. 

Take a deep breath and relax your mind with these tranquil videos of nature.

Textile and Stitch artist 

Alison Johnston.

And sew it begins...

Get your textiles, thread, wool and make something wonder-wool, fabric-tastic,


Whether your friend is furry, feathery, scaly, slimy or smooth, celebrate their funny personalities with their cheekiest pictures.

Take a dive into the blue abyss and discover all sorts of sea creatures!

Don't forget to make a splash!

Make a scene from your favourite Film or TV Programme.

You don't have to climb high to make a tree house - create a tiny tree house for a house plant instead or for a tree outside.

Just remember to make a tiny ladder too!

Make some funny stick or stone people - add paint, eyes, even a pair of glasses.

In honour of Mr George Gladwell, who worked in the Columbia Road Flower Market since 1949 and was the founder of Columbia Road's Market traders organisation.

Name that Building and where it is in the world!

By Flynn Bullett

This fantastic film of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' will amaze you with the use of shadow puppetry and will also make you hungry so grab some popcorn!

Create another world with this ancient form of storytelling.

Use whatever you can get your hands on or even your own hands to make shadow shapes!

Make a marvellous mask and march around the Masquerade Ball majestically.


Pick up a pen and a piece of paper and come up with a poem or a haiku. 

Illustrate your creation with a drawing,

a painting or photos.

Laughter is universal!

We all have our different ways to text our laughter.

How do you text yours?